Hudson's Fall 2011

Hudson's Fall 2011
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Upside Down i and a Broken Heart

No, I haven't completely disappeared from blog land....but I'm more tired than ever and have a feeling my posts will happen pretty randomly :o) Hopefully they will be interesting enough to enjoy when they happen though!

We don't go all out on Valentine's Day, but we do recognize the holiday and celebrate at least a little each year. Casey and I swapped date nights with my SIL and took our turn on Friday evening. Recently I had a dentist appt. and Casey bet me I'd have at least one cavity----for a clean bill of health he promised to take me to Hu Hot. I've been craving it (actually I've had many cravings with this pregnancy!) Anyhow, he lost the bet......I had to work late Friday night so we didn't get a great start and the wait was a half hour. If you don't know him well, he is NOT a patient person when it comes to restaurants. It just amazes me, we really do not eat out very often, but there always seems to be a line no matter where we go or when we go (unless it's like 4:00 in the afternoon!) But the food was well worth the wait that night :o)

It seems like we just got most of the Christmas sweets out of the house so I settled on one large heart shaped lollipop for each of the kiddos. Casey thought I was insane for getting ones so big but that seriously was all they got and their faces were priceless when they discovered them Sunday morning before church. That was my first mistake. The second was they convinced me to let them take them in the van.

My graceful (???) oldest daughter tripped out the door and smashed hers on the ground before she even opened it. I'm not sure who/what was more crushed: the lollipop, her or me. It totally broke my heart because I know how disappointed she was.

It's one of those things where I could have run out and bought her a new one, but yet isn't this part of what life is all about? Disappointments stink, but if we as parents "fix" everything how will our children be able to cope with life when they are adults? She actually handled it fairly well considering.

.......and guess what I found for their Easter baskets? Yep, large egg-shaped lollipops! (Sorry, Casey!) These will be handed out AFTER church and kept at the table. Hey, we're never too old to learn a lesson ourselves!

The other half of my post centers on Corbin. Oh, it was just too sweet watching him write out his valentines to all 22 of his daycare friends,! I just love seeing what my kids have learned to do! So, the day after his V-party, on the way to daycare he was spelling out the letters to one of the cards he had received:

I was listening from the front seat and just enjoying hearing him recognize all the letters and then got totally stumped on the "upside down i" bit......then it hit me, the exclamation point! So I'm still giggling on that one. I guess they haven't taught the 4 year olds about punctuation marks yet. Too funny!

I hope you all had a love-filled weekend, and have remembered He who loved us first and who should always remain our first love, our Heavenly Father!