Hudson's Fall 2011

Hudson's Fall 2011
Corbin, Kennedy, Karla, Chase, Casey, Kyndal

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Rainbow Party!

We had Kennedy's birthday bash on Sunday afternoon.....just over 24 hours after the peace party ended! It was party mode all weekend long.

There were so many cool ideas for a rainbow party on Pinterest, it was the perfect theme for our spunky five-year-old! The girls were a huge help in getting the decorations ready. With back to back parties, I was happy to let them help, plus it was some fun quality time too.

The cake is usually my most favorite part of the party....this one was no exception. I have never done a "colored cake" so I was a little nervous but excited to cut into it. Wait for it, pics below!
Jelly beans, bubble gum, rainbow jello, popcorn, rainbow dipped oreo cookies, fruit rainbow, goldfish and skittles.

Rainbow coloring sheets.

Rainbow beads for making jewelry.
A rainbow tutu! And M&M rainbow to top it off.
The decorations were simple but fun. The girls helped a ton by making the rainbow chain.

Treat bags! Sidewalk chalk, Twizzler rainbows with a pot of gold, and play-doh.

My sweet rainbow girl!
Time to get busy with our rainbow activities!
The babies/toddlers do their own thing.
Rainbow ice cubes for their drinks.

Face painting...
Musical rainbow (chairs)
Sand art.
Our favorite 5 year old
Rainbow cake!
Happy Birthday, Kennedy! You bring a rainbow of colors to our world, sweet girl!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Peace Party

I'm back!! Better late than never! We celebrated Kyndal's 9th birthday at the end of March. She requested a peace sign/zebra party, it was a lot of fun to pull off. She wanted a slumber party again, so the rest of the family headed over to Grandma's so they could get some sleep and the girls could have the house to them(our)selves.

It was a crazy busy night! Very similar to the art party we had last year! Here's some of my favorite pics...

The balloons are numbered in the order they are to be "popped" and there is an activity inside. Made it fun for them to move on to the next activity.

My first shot at a zebra cake, it turned out so cool!!
 Jewelry making, nails and games, fun night ahead...

The girls loved these peace sign oreo pops!

 Burning off some energy (or so I thought....)

 The crazy group, yes, there were 8. Crazy eights!

It's a sleepover, but there was very little sleeping. But lots of fun. Good thing I have twelve months to recover before the next one!