Hudson's Fall 2011

Hudson's Fall 2011
Corbin, Kennedy, Karla, Chase, Casey, Kyndal

Saturday, February 26, 2011

February In Review

I know, February isn't over yet, but it seems like we've already done so much this month and it's doubtful I'll get in another post by the end of the month :o)

Two weeks ago the whole family loaded up and headed to Corbin's Kindergarten program. He told us all week he was NOT singing "Old McDonald" because "it's a baby song!" I was nervous that it was the only song as he's pretty true to his word. The music stand is blocking the view but he stood with his arms crossed through the whole song and kept his lips shut!

The next few songs were much better, and as I looked around at the other kids I noticed a handful of other boys didn't do any actions, so I guess I don't have the only rebel at Roper!

I missed Kennedy's first week of dance and Kyndal's lesson of gymnastics, but the last two weeks have gone so well! They both love it....I signed Corbin up for swim lessons but he has no interest in going. (I am choosing my battles, and this one he gets to win!) I get to squeeze in a short workout and a quick walk with another Mom friend, Jodee. This weekend I think the whole family will find something to do at the Y to burn off some energy, especially with all this snow!

Little Chase keeps growing; he is army crawling and rolling all over to get where he wants. He gets up on all fours and rocks, it won't be long before he's venturing from room to room. This past weekend he chewed up a card from a game the kids had out. Here's his sweet little Valentine's shirt Aunt Erika made him. Little "XO's" on his shirt sleeves!

We have started "Project Purge" at our house. Room by room we (me) are going through everything (every drawer, cabinet, closet, etc.) and if we don't need it/use it, etc. it's being donated! And the room is getting deep cleaned as well. Tackling one room at a time is less stressful for me and I see more progress. So far we've checked off the kitchen and both bathrooms. This week: the living room.

With this in mind, as Valentine's Day approached, I knew Casey would groan if I brought in baskets of small goodies for the kiddos. So I splurged on something I knew they would love and play with (and Chase wouldn't eat). Even though I think they are overpriced, each kiddo got a Pillow Pet.
Kyndal had asked for a unicorn one (for her upcoming birthday), here's her heart shirt Aunt Erika made for her!
Kennedy is hiding her heart shirt; here's her bumblebee!
Corbin loves his puppy dog :o)
Chase's is now stashed safely in his closet so the big kids don't fight over it!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
I am coaching Kyndal's basketball team, so unable to take pictures. Casey and the kids came last weekend and took a few for us. Her last game is this weekend, I am hoping to get a team photo. Kyndal is on the right with black shorts.
We are also in the planning stages of remodeling our upstairs bathroom. It's one of two rooms that yours truly has not painted in our house in the 4 1/2 years we've lived here. And it's way overdo! We have the new paint, countertops and cabinets picked out. I am looking forward to saying "good-bye" to the purple bathroom from the previous owners!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Photo Shoot

Chase in the snow for the 1st time

Whoever said that with each additional kid you have, you take less pictures. I completely disagree! I will admit I take less pictures the older they get, but when they're babies I seriously think I've taken more and more with each one.

The weekend before last I went to Camp Kitaki with a group of girlfriends and asked my sweet friend Carrie Ray to take some six-month pictures of baby Chase. Using my camera, she did an awesome job as usual. Enough talk, enjoy some of my favorite shots...

Carrie, the photographer!
Maria, who made his adorable hat! We lost his 1st one from her at Mahoney State Park :(

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wrestling and Mahoney

Two weekends ago my sister's family from Kansas came to Lincoln and we had a full agenda! My nephew, Tyler, is ranked 2nd in the state in his class in wrestling and we were looking forward to seeing him compete. He graduates this spring, so we have few opportunities left to see him in action. We laid low Friday evening so we could get up bright and early to get the day rolling.

We were nervous how all the kids would do at the event, but the Elkhorn gym was set up so well. The bleachers were connected to an indoor track that overlooked the mats. The kids were able to run around (and expend energy) while the adults could see them and the meet. Tyler kicked some tail, winning all three of his matches. And the concessions stand got plenty of business from us too.We arrived just moments before Tyler's first match!
Chase was such a trooper, he had a super happy day!Corbin and Austin dug into the legos!Nikki pushed Lizzie around the track :o)Terry, Kara, Karon, Craig and Casey
Ashlynn and Kyndal with their ring popsSuper blue lips!

Next stop: Mahoney State Park! The kids (and adults) burned off some energy in the play center. The place was packed and felt like a sauna. I followed Kyndal through the twists and turns and slides a few times and didn't think twice when she asked if we could hit the ice...I was sweating majorly! Everyone else was ready to cool off too.Uncle Terry taking a break and watching Chase who is snoozing.Fun in the ball pit...Kara and LizzieRight when we got on the ice they called everyone off so they could clear it. It took us a bit to get off!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Catching Up

Brrrr! It's snow day #2 and the Hudson's haven't gone crazy (yet)!! Casey and I have been splitting the time off, he works the morning and I work the afternoons. Plus last night was my late duty night so I still got a full day in.

Kennedy hasn't gotten out of her pj's, she cried when I made her put on clean ones last night after her bath! And Corbin has been wearing short sleeves and shorts for two days. Wishing for summer weather?!

Here are some shots from a snow day earlier this month. Casey took the older kids sledding (Chase went to daycare.) They didn't last too long. We were hoping to take them skiing this year but they aren't too fond of the cold, not sure it would go over so well!

We took advantage of the down time this week and got a couple of school projects completed that are due this month. Corbin's class is celebrating their "100th day of school" and he needed to bring 100 of the same objects to show. He chose marshmallows! Kinda like mini-snowballs he said, ha!Kyndal is doing a research project on polar bears and she needed to complete a project at home. I was really proud of her, she did this 100% on her own, all her own ideas! I thought I would need/have to give her ideas and help her with it, but she didn't give me a chance.

We've been MIA on the blog lately, just so much going on. It's New Years resolution time and just like every year, it's obvious at the Y. Which means me being crazy busy and pulling extra hours there. It's fun to see more activity at the Y and helping both new and old members set new goals and find new things to do at our branch. We also have gotten some new equipment and started some new classes, so that has added to my craziness :o)

I am also coaching Kyndal's basketball team on Sunday afternoons. I'm hoping to snag at least some still pictures one of these weeks, but difficult to do when I'm coaching!

At home, little Chase (I mean big Chase!) is growing crazy fast. He turned 6 months on Monday (I know, already?!) He is 18 lbs, 13 oz, 75th percentile....27" long. He's only got 4 lbs and 2" before he outgrows his carseat. Time to start shopping for a convertible one! He will probably get a new one since Kennedy didn't use one and the other one is pretty beat up from the older two.

He is sitting up by himself and already starting to army crawl. I'm so not ready for him to be on the move! He is still a super happy baby, very animated. Nowhere near sleeping through the night (yawn) but we're dealing just fine! He and I will be enjoying a weekend at Camp Kitaki with some of my girlfriends starting this Friday morning. I'm looking forward to some chill time!

Last weekend my sister/family from Kansas came to coming soon on our adventures!