Hudson's Fall 2011

Hudson's Fall 2011
Corbin, Kennedy, Karla, Chase, Casey, Kyndal

Sunday, July 31, 2011

4th of July Festivities

We had a pretty low-key but fun 4th of July this year. The evening before the holiday we hung out at our friends, Erin and Craig's house. We had a blast there last year and enjoyed celebrating with them again this year.

Trying to cool off
We aren't big fans of dropping a lot of dough on fireworks, but Casey did buy just a few for Corbin.
Playing badminton! Craig and Clay vs. Jimmy and Casey
Kyndal takes a turn at the net!

Maria, Cohen and Catherine enjoying the game

Kyndal and Casey goofing off, this was hilarious!
These babies are all two months apart, almost exactly! L to R, Catherine, 13 mo; Chase, 11 mo; McCoy, 9 mo, Josie, 7 mo

The kids love their sloped driveway!
Ryder and Kennedy snuggling in to watch some fireworks
My sweet girls

I worked the morning of the 4th until noon. I got a major surprise when I arrived home, all the laundry was put away, basement and upstairs, including bedrooms, kitchen and dishes, all CLEAN! I expected to find the house in disarray since Casey was flying solo with the kids. He promised them we would head to Seward as soon as I got home if they worked hard. I had no reason to deny them, they did all my work for me!

Off to Seward for the parade!

$1 snow cones, what a deal!

Chase's 1st taste of the cold and sweet treat
Cool bouncy slide!

Our friends, the Livingston's met us to watch the parade, sweet Catherine :)

Clay and Cohen, high 5's

Watching the parade


Happy 4th of July!

When we got home, Casey's Dad showed up, so we hung out at the Whiting's for awhile. It was the perfect end of the holiday weekend!

I love Grandpa!

Chase and McCoy "fighting" over the tractor!

Happy Birthday, Chase!

Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet little monkey! I seriously can't believe how fast this year went and how special you are to me. We are incredibly blessed, thank you God for this little boy and for choosing me to be his Mommy!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Corbin's Special Day

One last post on Corbin's 6th's a few pictures on our one-on-one day. I wasn't able to take his birthday off since I was swamped at work from our vacations the two weeks prior. So we celebrated just a few days after his birthday.

While waiting for his favorite places to open up, we set up his entire collection of trick tracks. I seriously think he would have been happy to play with these When he gets focused on something, he really gets into it and can stick with it for hours.

The Children's Museum opened mid-morning and that was our first stop. He loves the exhibit right when we walk in with all of the balls. We eventually made it to the basement and had a "ball" with the traveling exhibit. We were in there forever, it was so cool!

I loved this picture....even though he is growing so fast it reminded me that he is still a little boy and still learning so many things.

He thought he was pretty cool on this bike exhibit right outside the museum.

We picked up Noodles to go, went outside to meet up with Casey and had a little picnic.

At Rocket Fizz picking out a soda :)

We picked up Kyndal early from the Y and met up with our friends, the Pair's and the Leader's at Star City Shores to cool off. Corbin headed straight to the slide. After several times down he finally decided he didn't need the lifeguard to catch him.

Having fun with our underwater camera!Too cool

After we got home I found him outside creating a little mud hole with the hose. It reminded me of when he was about two, we nicknamed him "Pigpen" one of Charlie Brown's friends, remember?! He was always so dirty, he had a permanent dirt ring around his mouth. Who am I kidding, he is still dirty most of the time LOL!

Happy Birthday, Corbin....don't grow too fast on me little man! I love you!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Bounce House

Here's a few pictures from Corbin's bounce house party at the Y last month. He had so much fun last year, he begged to go there again over having a party at our house. I love the convenience of having the entertainment and clean-up provided in a nice cool place. But I still reserve the cake-making to yours truly, I love making personalized cakes for their birthday. It's fun to come up with a unique one each year for them, and this year was no different. GO BIG RED!

His Husker field cake, super stoked!
Blocking the entrance to the bounce houseIt was crazy in there with all those boys! In fact, during the times when the staff had the boys "take a break", Kennedy would go in there by herself, she didn't dare go in with "all those boys!"

All the crazy kids!

"Time for some sugar, please!"

Friday, July 22, 2011

HaPpY bIrThDaY, cOrBiN!!!

Happy 6th birthday, Corbin!

Belated...but better late than ever! Little man is six years old, I can hardly believe it...and heading into first grade this fall.

Corbin ordered up a Husker football party and we reserved a bounce house party at the Y again this year. Since we had three major road trips within the four weeks leading up to his birthday, I knew I'd be stressing over throwing a big shindig for his friends at our house. That post will be coming is a few pics from our family celebrations.

It is tradition for the kids to open a gift right before or after breakfast on the morning of their birthday. This year was no exception. Corbin scored a new Husker flag that we are going to put up on the wall in his bedroom. I will soon be redecorating it, he wants a Husker football room. I guess he has outgrown the "automobiles" theme we created a few years ago.

The flag is as big as him!

Birthday dinner at Famous Dave's!He enjoyed some ribs!Since Kyndal had a softball game and we had a late dinner, it was pj's before presents, and we saved the cake/ice cream for the next night. Stretch out the celebration for a few days! Chase had a ball with the paper!
He finally got a DS!We love parties!

Trying out the new games!
The next night we celebrated with Grandma and the Whiting's. Erika made him this new football shirt with his favorite number on it. He also got a baseball shirt.
"How did Grandma know I got a DS?"Make a wish!

Kyndal spent part of her allowance on a gift for him, and wrapped it herself!Snickers and Kit Kats LOL!!