Hudson's Fall 2011

Hudson's Fall 2011
Corbin, Kennedy, Karla, Chase, Casey, Kyndal

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Hudson Update

I'm back...and lots to post about too. I've just been way too busy to put it down in words! Little Chase....we had a couple hours to ourselves one night when Casey took the other three to the talent show at our elementary school. So I took out the camera and even though he had a cold, I got tons of smiles from the little man. Some of my favorites...

The kids sporting their green that Aunt Erika made for them. She is totally hooking us up with personalized gear. Thanks Aunt Erika, you rock!!

Casey found a dirt bike for Corbin that he couldn't resist. Unfortunately, it was during the fall and he was having some "listening issues" at school and at home. So we decided to have an incentive and he would earn the bike. Once he got 100 stickers he would own it, free and clear :o) On St. Patrick's Day he got his 100th sticker!!!

He had no trouble starting it up and I loved how he cautiously took his first lap around the driveway. Super careful and safe. Wonder how long that will last. No, I am not a big fan of ATV's and the like, but my husband most definitely is. Fortunately he is a fan of helmets and (mostly) safe riding. I know it's one battle I would not win so I choose not to fight it.

Unfortunately, no matter how safe he was on that first ride, it will be his last for awhile. That is the subject of my next post, coming soon!

Chase loves his bath, and loves "playing the drum" aka his diaper wipe box! girls' birthdays are coming up this weekend. Like I said, lots coming up to read about. We had a blast making her "art party" invites! I typed them up on the computer and then we went to town splatter painting all over them. The girls loved them. I am gearing up for a girls sleepover this Friday night. I'm sure there will be lots of squealing! We are kicking Dad, Corbin and Kennedy out for the night :o)

My artsy girl, she had a blast making her invites and is stoked for her art party. I'm pretty sure it will be her favorite one so far!

Chase is getting super fast going forwards (army crawling) and backwards (regular crawling). He has gotten into a couple tight spots (see below.) But instead of getting frustrated and crying, he just hangs out, smiles for the camera and patiently waits for someone to get him out. I love that guy!