Hudson's Fall 2011

Hudson's Fall 2011
Corbin, Kennedy, Karla, Chase, Casey, Kyndal

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Days Before Christmas

Two days before Christmas we were already in vacation mode. The kids didn't have school so they spent the day at the Cooper Y and it was Casey's last day of work until after New Years. We were happy to have some unexpected visitors for the evening.

Casey's Dad works for the railroad out of Fremont so he frequently drops in for a day or two between runs. We love having him around, especially Kennedy! This happened to be one of those days, and it was perfect timing. Aunt Erika brought the two youngest boys over (she has FOUR boys!) and Aunt Kristin was in town and hadn't met either of the babies. It was nice catching up with everyone and relaxing.

Aunt Kristin cuddling up with McCoy

Kennedy snuggles up with Grandpa. When he's around she is glued to him!

Little Ryder (two years)...pretty funny to watch him and Kennedy. They totally love each other one minute and are screaming at each other the next!
Yep, it was a fun-filled day at the Cooper Y! Kyndal and Corbin crashed out early in the living room. We can always tell when they've played their hearts out :o) It was so cute to see them somewhat snuggled up together!

I headed off to work early Friday morning and snuck in an early workout. It was SOOOO weird not having to round up the troops and do drop off. I love working out in the morning, but it happens very infrequently. Casey chilled at home with all the kids and I worked till 2:00.

When I got home we lounged around awhile longer and then headed out to Christmas Eve service at our church. We've been wanting to drive around and look at lights and just haven't found a good night so we decided to pass on a nice meal at home or a restaurant and ate a quick bite at Arby's! Even though it's our favorite fast food joint we kept saying how weird it felt to be eating there on such a special occasion. But the important thing is we were all together celebrating the birth of our Savior and King!

We loaded back in the suburban and drove around for an hour looking at some beautiful light displays. Some people really go all out.....we even saw a real Santa and Mrs. Claus waving in their yard and had to drive by twice to shout "Merry Christmas!" My favorites are the ones that are coordinated to local radio stations.

When we got home the kids anxiously put out the cookies for Santa, carrots for the reindeer and more lists of more things they wanted :o) It wasn't long before the little ones were all asleep so Santa could catch some shut-eye too!

Santa and the reindeer left only crumbs!

The stockings are full and ready for the early risers!

My super special little elf!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Program

The weekend before Christmas, Casey and I and Chase went to Omaha to celebrate our belated 10 year anniversary. We didn't have anything specific on the agenda except for relaxing. We did a little shopping, caught a movie at the new Aksarben theater and ate some great food. Oh and slept in!

When we got back to town Sunday morning we picked up the kids, cleaned up and headed to church for their Christmas program. This is the 3rd year they participated. Kyndal and Corbin were both looking forward to it, but I could tell Kennedy was unsure...

Some pictures before the program:

With her star; she wouldn't sit in her row unless I sat next to her. Then Chase got fussy so Grandma sat with her while I held him and took pictures.

Stage fright! Grandma is on the right trying to convince her to stay, but...she wouldn't :o)
No stage fright here...he was the first one and he ran onto stage!
Corbin is on the left, he did a great job with all the actions, we could tell he was really into it. Unfortunately Kyndal was in the 3rd row and all we could see was the top of her head.

More Christmas coming soon!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let the Celebrations Begin...

We celebrated an early Christmas with my family this year. With all of the kids it gets a little crazy (ok maybe a lot!) but they have a blast with each other and us siblings love every minute we get to spend together. My Dad didn't make it this year but Mom and Owen made the long trek from Arkansas :o) We were so glad no one had to deal with bad weather (unlike last year!) We rotate who hosts and this year it was my little sister, Kara's, turn. She lives here in Lincoln too.
Mom and Owen
Marissa (my niece) cuddling with Chase

Unfortunately I overdid my workouts the week prior and ended up injuring my back Saturday morning. I am actually still recovering from the injury, a long two weeks later, but it is so much better. It got so bad I couldn't even walk one day. That doesn't work so well with an infant! It made me realize it's ok to ask for help...and to accept it too! But I'm really glad the major pain is gone!!!

Kennedy not getting her way, doing a little pouting

My niece, Ashlynn, upset about the white elephant gift she chose

Nieces Lizzie and Annabelle playing with their new toys

The legendary bow-on-the-head picture
Kennedy with her new baby doll, you can't go wrong with that gift for her!

Nephew, Austin, new spy-gear goggles

Annabelle with her stylin' bed-head!

Elfin' Kara (my sister)

Uncle Terry and Kennedy

Mom made us all new stocking bags this year, we love them!

Corbin stoked about his new Zhu zhu pet

All the grandkids except Marissa

Crashed out, can you see the drool on the sheet?! We had an awesome weekend but were worn out by the end of it!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Busy Hands

With the freezing weather and holidays all around us I have kicked into baking and crafting mode! Unfortunately we haven't had a whole lot of time for either so far, but I'm not stressing it. I usually host a baking day for my bible study group but even had to nix that this year. I think the majority of my "Christmas baking" is going to happen AFTER Christmas. But that's ok, I'm pretty sure we'll still enjoy every.last.bite of our famous fudge!

We did get around to making a few Christmas ornaments at home and made some dipped pretzel sticks. Anything to keep those 6 little hands busy on a long Saturday at home! Casey has done a lot of side work this season putting in new furnaces. The income has been a huge blessing, but it certainly has kept me on my toes keeping them all entertained in addition to little Chase's needs :o) Here's some takes on our ornaments and pretzels....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa's Helpers

Like most of you, it's a family tradition to put our tree up together as a family. It's a bit chaotic in our house, but it's still one of my favorite times. Casey turns up the Christmas music and we dive into the totes.

Three little helpers, ready to get this train rolling!
The fourth little helper, happy as can be!

We each have our "roles"...the kids hand Casey the branches.
I get busy getting dizzy putting on the lights...
And the kids put on the ornaments.

Another tradition, the kids pile into a tote for a quick snapshot.
We're kinda outgrowing it though!