Hudson's Fall 2011

Hudson's Fall 2011
Corbin, Kennedy, Karla, Chase, Casey, Kyndal

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fall Thanks

A couple weeks ago our daycare was closed and we were blessed with another beautiful fall day. We spent the morning at our Children's Museum and then headed home for naptime. Chase typically only naps for an hour for me (but sleeps 2-3 hours at daycare, jealous!!) So we took advantage of the sunny and 60 degree day and headed outside for the afternoon. We haven't had much time for yard work lately and typically Casey handles most of the outdoor work. But while the two little ones tootled around I got to raking.

I am working to find ways for our family to volunteer and give to others. My good friend and past co-worker, Darci, gave me a fabulous idea. Every fall they make homemade caramel and take it with apples to their neighbors.

Last Saturday morning while Casey was away for the weekend deer hunting, we made pumpkin bread and cards. We then bundled up (it was windy and freezing!) and walked around our neighborhood passing them out. I'm embarrassed to say that there are several neighbors I've never met in our area so it was a blessing for us to share a treat with them.

Making the cards

Making the bread

Delivery time!

Later that afternoon we celebrated my nephew's 3rd birthday. Ryder and Kennedy are best buds and we had a relaxing time just chilling for the afternoon and evening. We are so blessed to have so much family here in town!

I think Chase wants one of these :)

Birthday Boy!

Kyndal placed Chase next to her and he loved the piano

The babies playing some tunes, McCoy, Chase and Catherine

Saturday, November 19, 2011


With Halloween on a school night this year and a cabinet full of candy already, we didn't stay out too late. It was tempting since it was such a beautiful night though! We rushed home from work/school/daycare and into costumes and snapped a few pics in the driveway before heading over to the Leader's for some yummy food and treats!

I was so busy stuffing myself and tending to the little one's at Jodee's that these are the only two pictures I took. She had their home decked out though and there were some cute costumes running around! Thanks again for inviting our crew over, Jodee, we had a great time!

After we left Jodee's, we headed over to Lora's, our daycare. Josie and Chase were both monkeys! (They are the two littlest in Lora's care....and we are close friends with Josie's parents.)The kids walked around Lora's neighborhood for a bit, and then we went over to Craig and Erin's neighborhood (Josie's parents.)

By 7:30 the kids were checking out their loot and calling it a night. Halloween is in the books for another year!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pre-Halloween Festivities

We had a fun and busy week before Halloween. Well, except for the first half of the week. I was down with a flu bug for over 3 days. Fortunately it didn't conflict with any of the activities we had planned on attending.

Thursday night we headed to the Lincoln Children's Zoo for Boo at the Zoo. We ran into our daycare provider's husband and granddaughter and the kids had a blast as always at this event.

Friday night we went to Corbin's old daycare at Hope Community Church where they had a fall festival. The kids love going there each year as they have fun games in the foyer, a bounce house and fire trucks outside, trunk or treating and they serve yummy soup!

Saturday we found ourselves at our good friends home, the Whitmore's. They host a Halloween party each year and they are so much fun to hang out with. We always carve our pumpkins at their party and stuff ourselves with their homemade chili and chicken noodle soup. They are both wonderful cooks.

Sunday we celebrated Halloween at Grandma Hudson's house. Since she had to work the next day she still wanted to spoil us with her annual party which includes chili and cinnamon rolls. We love vegging at her house. I love having her live only a 1/2 mile directly south of us. We are truly blessed that our kids are growing up literally in her backyard. But I do miss the lazy weekends that we used to go to Lewellen and visit her. We did absolutely nothing while we were there (except eat and sleep!) And the days seemed to stand still.

Kyndal and Jerry, our daycare provider's husband

Kennedy and Alyssa, Lora's granddaughter

Damon and Brandy, party host/hostess

I typically dress up for their party....this year I was a domino!

Time to carve pumpkins!

Kennedy decided to paint hers

Our artist turned a little wild by the end of the night!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We had such a busy fall with flag football, Kyndal's volleyball and Husker games....we were nervous we wouldn't make it to the pumpkin patch before the weather turned wintry. We finally were able to schedule it for the Sunday afternoon a week before Halloween. We drove straight to Roca from church and spent a few hours there before Kyndal's late afternoon game. Overscheduled, but at least we got it all squeezed in! Unfortunately, when we arrived I could feel some kind of bug coming on. I survived the day but spent the next 3 days down and out, nasty virus :(

As always, we had a blast! We hooked up with our friends the Branch's and our sister's the Whiting's and Guernsey's. We have had so many awesome fall days and this one was no exception.

Best view in the house!Corbin spent forever on these scooters

Yes, I really went down the slide.

Kennedy loved the bikes. Thanks Jodee and Kamree for the Halloween outfits!

Chase in the corn pit. He wasn't sure what to think of it.

Erika and McCoy

The jumping pillows were a hit. Kennedy and Ryder were full of giggles

Corbin catching some air

Kyndal too
Playing Candyland with Grandma

Corbin found his pumpkin! We still hadn't picked out pumpkins. Perfect timing as we were headed to a party the next weekend and would carve pumpkins there.

On the hayrack ride to pick out pumpkins

We love pumpkins!!!

Sitting pretty!

This girl is growing up!

My sweet Chase!