Hudson's Fall 2011

Hudson's Fall 2011
Corbin, Kennedy, Karla, Chase, Casey, Kyndal

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Birthday Boy Part 1

Five years.....where does the time GO? Corbin's actual birthday is June 22, but we stretched the celebration out a bit, which is typical in our family, at least for the kids! We ended up having 3 separate parties for him and I enjoyed a special outing with him on his big day, he definitely got the most out of his birthday this year!

The first party was a bounce house party at the Cooper Y with some of his daycare buddies and a few family friends. I had a hard time getting pics, those boys were Literally. There were 10 of them in all (including Kyndal, Corbin and Kennedy) but no way I could get them all in one picture!

Before heading to the gym, we all met in the party room. He wanted a "t-ball" theme, so the bouncy balls we found waiting for us in the room fit nicely. I wasn't sure they would want to leave the room, they were having such a blast! I'm really surprised we didn't break anything!

Fun in the bounce house and the gym.

The part of the clan that would sit for a picture.

Since we had a family party scheduled for later with cake, I decided to shake things up a bit. I made these baseball ice cream cookie sandwiches. They were totally sugar over-kill. I don't think any of the kids ate the whole thing. They were fun to make (Kennedy helped me) and super easy to tote to the Y.

Party's over!

In order to have all the Aunt's/Uncle's/cousin's/Grandma that are in town be able to come, we had to have our family party that evening. It was total overkill for our family to do both in one day even though I kept them both as simple as possible. And I didn't even mention, this was also on Father's Day. But we made the best of it and he definitely enjoyed the special attention!

New Transformer helmet

His "t-ball" cake

Happy 5th Birthday Corbin!!! We love you!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

"S" is for Summer, Softball and Swimming!

I am pretty sure summer is here to stay....bring on the heat and humidity that Lincoln is known for! We have finally gotten a break from the loads of rain and now it's hotter than I'd like to discuss. BUT it's finally warm enough to dive into the blue stuff! We hit the outdoor pool at the Cooper Y before Kyndal's softball game last weekend and it was super refreshing on the hot afternoon.
As we arrived the whistles went off so we had to wait a few minutes for the safety break. The kids looking longingly at the tempting pool.It was worth the wait!

Then it was off to Kyndal's first softball game of the season. It's coach pitch this year, which made us a little nervous, but she has surprised us and is doing really well so far. Here she's scooping up an infield hit.

Throwing to the pitcher.

Both times up to bat she got a hit off of the first pitch!

Rounding the bases, headed for home. Go Kyndal!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Camp Kitaki!

I am soooo behind on my posts! I will get caught up eventually :o) I have really been looking forward to posting this one, Kyndal's first solo trip to our YMCA Camp Kitaki. She turned seven this spring, the age required to attend our resident camp located between Lincoln and Omaha. I started talking with her about the possibility of attending camp this summer last fall. From the beginning, she had a twinkle in her eye and I had a hunch that she would love the time she spent there.

We were really excited to hear a couple months ago that one of her best friends, Kaysia, would be able to attend the same half-week as Kyndal. I'm certain she would have had a wonderful experience either way, but it was comforting to know she was with a dear friend of hers.

I signed her up for the mini-camp, a half-week (3 nights). They offer it twice during the summer; the second time is the week of our due date, so we chose the first week of summer instead. This happened to fall in the same weekend of our trip to Missouri....joyful timing (NOT!) So we arrived home at 1:45 pm on that Sunday and quickly dumped out her suitcase and re-packed it with the already laid out gear she'd need for Camp and jumped back in the car at 2:30 pm to hit the highway again. The good thing about it, I didn't have as much time to worry/grieve/get nervous about the whole situation! Kyndal is the most independent of our crew and I knew in my heart that she was ready for the opportunity and would thrive just fine. That didn't make it any easier for me to let her go!

We pulled up to the Camp entrance and there were two staff waving their hands in welcome and two more staff on horseback doing the same. There were more staff all the way up the road to the parking lot.....I was sooooo excited and impressed with the welcome! All of our Camp full-time staff were there, whom I know very well, along with all the part time staff for the summer (some of them are staff that work for me during the rest of the year!) So I knew she was in caring hands.

Posing in front of the big red chair

Heading to her cabin

Official Sioux cabin mate

On the bunk she chose. Kaysia hadn't arrived yet and she was trying to save the bed next to her for her friend. I stayed until I felt I had worn out my welcome and assured her Kaysia would be there soon. Fortunately her counselor let her save the bed for Kaysia!

Her name is next to the big orange star by the "S" in Sioux

Ed and Mary Copple are very dear to the YMCA, wonderful contributors and supporters. And I visit with Ed almost every morning when he's Downtown for his workout. He always asks "How are those kids doing?" I was pleased that she was in his sponsored cabin!

I captured a picture of Kaysia and Kyndal at pick-up!

She had a wonderful experience. I missed her to pieces. She was kind of quiet at first on the way home, she wasn't ready to leave Camp and was sad about it! But once she got to talking she couldn't stop raving over how much she loved it. Her favorite things were the frogs and paddleboats, the horseback ride, the crafts, the nachos for lunch, I think you get the picture. She couldn't pinpoint her favorite, she loved it all.

I am so thankful for the opportunities that my family and my children have through the YMCA. I love that it is a safe and enriching atmosphere, with staff that love children and help them grow to meet their potential. That night due to a mix of being exhausted from all the excitement and her longing to be back at camp she became very emotional...we had some major Camp withdrawal tears. The promise of getting to spend a full week next summer helped to "soothe the pain". .......which gives me just a short year to prepare to being away from her for a FULL week, ugh!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Two weekends ago we set off on another long weekend trip, to the hills of Missouri and Iowa... I was born in a small town in Missouri (Unionville) and much of both sides of my family still live in the area. My Mom's Mom lives on the Iowa side of the state line and my Dad's Mom lives on the Missouri side, the towns are only 12 miles apart :o)

We try to make it back for a small reunion on both sides each summer with as many of the aunts and cousins that can make it. Both sides had a decent turnout this year, and both my Mom and Dad were able to come for their respective reunion.

Grandpa Owen helps my niece Ashlynn and Kennedy on one teeter-totter and Kyndal and Corbin are on the other. My Grandma's house is the tall one in the back of the picture. We spent many, many days playing at this park growing up! It's fun to see my kids now find the same pleasure in it.

We hauled our camper to sleep in. The first night it rained 3 inches with a major thunderstorm. Needless to say, I didn't get hardly any sleep that night. The weather wasn't the greatest there. It is SOOOOO humid and it was in the 90s all weekend. It didn't slow the kids down though!
After the fun at the park, Grandpa Owen got ambushed by the grandkids, they thought it was totally cool that he rolled around in the grass and let them throw weeds and grass on him! He headed to the shower after that escapade!

Ashlynn, Kyndal and Megan, at our "wiener roast" at Aunt Lora's
Me and the kids, my Mom and my Grandma Lowe
Off to the other side, reunion at Aunt Leota's (Dad's side) Here is Kyndal with little Lizzie!
Kennedy was in heaven with the little puppies. My Aunt breeds boxers. Thankfully, they were only 4 weeks old, not old enough to be taken home LOL I'm sure one of my girls would have found a place to stash one otherwise!
Lots of card playing transpired
Corbin swinging Nikki in the hammock
More puppy pics, she was so sweet, treating them like her little babies.

My Dad, Grandma Cooley, me and my sisters
All the grandkids (that were present) on the Cooley side

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eat your veggies!

Even though I often find myself saying "finish your beans" before allowing seconds of the coveted mac-n-cheese, my kids are pretty good veggie eaters. Kennedy has the funniest eating habits (in a good way for the most part!) I won't be surprised if she's a vegetarian someday. She refuses chicken (unless it's in the form of a nugget...and then still doesn't usually polish it off.) She wouldn't even take a bite of the hot dog I served for lunch today. She loves dairy foods (yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, etc.) and is a me :o)

The weirdest thing of all, her passion of green peppers. When I pull one out to cook with, I think she smells it a mile away; she is there instantly begging for chunks of it. I usually end up with barely enough left for what I planned. She will literally eat half of one before the meal is served.

Here's some pics of my veggie eaters...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Movin' on Up

I can hardly believe it...our little boy has graduated pre-school and will be starting Kindergarten this fall! The ceremony was a couple weeks ago (I'm behind as usual!)....but it was kind of weird for us since it is actually the daycare that he attends all day, all week. So he "graduated" on a Friday but went right back on Monday :o)

He looked so proud up there, with those huge dimples and smile from ear to ear. They were in alphabetical order, and surprisingly he was first. The teachers put together a sweet slide show of the kids and they sang a song about the 12 Disciples. We'd heard it MANY times over the previous weeks leading up to the ceremony, he got lots of practice at home. But every time I heard his sweet voice singing the familiar words, my heart would melt.
It was no surprise to us when the program had one (slightly noticeable) glitch. At the conclusion of the song, Corbin proceeded to reach up and toss his hat into the air, followed by 10 other pre-schoolers. As the teacher's quickly helped them put their hats back on the Director sheepishly smiled and commented that "the kids seem to be a little confused on when to toss the hats." The correct time was to be after they marched across the stage to get their "diplomas". Way to go Hudson!Throwing their hats (the 2nd time!)
Miss Renee and Miss Mary, they have a LOT of patience!The proud graduate