Hudson's Fall 2011

Hudson's Fall 2011
Corbin, Kennedy, Karla, Chase, Casey, Kyndal

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fun at the Lake

We are off on another camping adventure this weekend....looking forward to hanging out on the lake with the Leader's and the Pair's and whoever else might decide to join us!

Here's some pictures from our lake adventures earlier this summer that I haven't had a chance to post.

Little man in a BIG tube LOL

L to R, Corbin, Daniel, Carson

Corbin is also in the white tube but he ducked down, goofball!

Kennedy and Ryder

Kennedy and Kamree

Kyndal and Kamree

Giggling girls

Sibling love!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Weekend Headlines

We are wrapping up a super busy and fun weekend!

Our daycare was closed on Friday so I enjoyed some one-on-two time with Kennedy and Chase. We headed to the Children's Museum for some M&M time (and to burn off some energy). After getting a free smoothie from McD's, we headed home to make lunch.

While Chase napped, Kennedy and I cleared out Corbin's room and painted his closet! I crossed my fingers that I would get the rest of his room painted over the weekend.

His old decor..."Things that move"....two tone blue walls with red accents. Helicopters hanging from the ceiling, cars, trains, 4-wheelers, etc. He is ready to "move" on!
"Bring on the paint, Mommy!"Friday night we headed to the ballpark with my co-workers to cheer on the home team Saltdogs. I don't think we've ever made it past the third inning with our crew at this annual staff I'm happy to report we made it through the 7th inning this year! The kids were still having a blast but it was getting late so we called it a night.

Chowing down!Homer was a hit with our kids!Kennedy stomped off at one point in search of her Daddy...made my heart stop! It didn't take long to spot her bright stripes, but still, UGH!

Saturday morning we headed downtown to help out with a food distribution. My kids have done pretty good with this volunteer opportunity...but if you have any other ideas I'd love to hear them!

Kyndal and I left early to head to the Coliseum, for the Husker Volleyball Clinic for JV Team members. This is a Husker club for kids with some pretty cool deals. The cost is $35 and with that they get some great perks: Husker t-shirt, the opportunity to win more prizes by attending events, free entry into the VB clinic, free ticket to the VB fall scrimmage and FB red/white game, as well as free tickets to all Husker sports events minus VB, FB and Men's BB. Worth looking into if you have a kid that's a big fan!

The clinic was run by the Husker players and parents were able to sit above and take pictures. After 90 minutes of rotations, they gathered for a group photo and then the girls stood in line for autographs.Learning to set with Lauren Cook (Kyndal is 2nd from the left with knee pads on.)

The new volleyball court

High 5 from Hannah Werth, her coach for the session

Hannah Werth, outside hitter

Head Coach, John Cook

Later in the afternoon we headed to the outdoor pool at the Y. We had rented it for the evening for Kyndal's softball team. We went an hour early since we were planning to leave early. It wasn't very warm out, so we were ready to be done swimming by the time the party started :)

Upset when her "friend" left and took her toys with her!

Kennedy had a blast jumping in to Kyndal!Loving my waterproof camera---see the bubbles!

After eating a quick bite with her friends, Kyndal and I headed to the Red/White Scrimmage. She had been pretty whiny earlier.....knowing she had to leave her party early in order to go. She wanted to do both things and was bummed about having to miss one or the other. But I am happy to report that she snapped out of it and we had a blast at the scrimmage. She was being super goofy, and I really enjoyed the quality time we had. She asked me a lot of questions about the different positions and rules....makes me so excited to coach her VB team again this fall. She also reported that Hannah Werth is her favorite player. Maybe has something to do with Hannah being her coach at the clinic, and Hannah actually remembered Kyndal's name when she was signing her shirt!

Sunday we enjoyed a really good service at church....we are starting a new series about Loving God and Living Strong. Today was about "saying YES to God".

Timing was good in the afternoon. After lunch Casey laid Chase down for his nap and I grabbed the paint brush and got busy! I've been working for months on planning Corbin's Husker room, and ready to start putting it together finally :)

This will be another busy week for our crew. Corbin has a little homework every night, which we've been doing really well at staying on top of. He also starts flag football Monday. I am also hoping to squeeze in some M&M time with him.

We will be camping next weekend with the Pair's and Leader's, so gotta start preparing for that as well. Have a blessed week, thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School!

Wowsers, I'm on top of it today! Chase is feeling much better, so it was back to daycare for him and Kennedy, back to work for me, and back to school for Kyndal and Corbin!

My 3rd grader actually whined when she found out I was planning to walk them to their classrooms and whined even more when I announced I was taking pictures too. Really?! I expected this in maybe 5th or 6th grade or earlier from Corbin, but not yet from her!

Our school is getting an addition as we are busting at the seams. Kyndal is once again in a portable this year. And with the construction going on, that place is a crazy zoo!!

We took a few pictures at home and then after dropping the little ones off, we parked a couple blocks from school and walked the rest of the way. Fortunately I wasn't the "only" parent taking pictures so she allowed one. And then after dropping Corbin off in his hallway she was totally fine with me walking with her to 3rd grade hall (I asked permission from her first LOL!) I can't believe I already have a 3rd grader!!

Little sister squeezed in for a pose!
Sooo excited to have her own backpack!

My big kids!
Let's go Mom, people are watching!

1st grade hall

Too cool for the camera

Their first day was a success! They both seem to like their teachers, they actually both also had art today. Corbin will be having homework pretty much every day....that will be an interesting challenge for us! Kyndal loves that she gets to take her own snack to school and she is on one of three teams competing each week to rack up points for their Friday celebrations. And Corbin proudly announced when he got home "no safe seats today!" Looks like we have a great start to the year!

How was your kiddos first day of school this year? Please share!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Back to School Chain!

Tomorrow is the first day of 3rd and 1st grade for Kyndal and Corbin, respectfully. We definitely had a packed summer, I have a few posts still to share on some summer activities :)

We have been bumming around the house today with little Chase, he has a fever :( and tonight was our open house at school. The kids were anxious to see who their teachers are and which friends are in their classes.

The last couple weeks we have been busy with our back-to-school chain...a tradition we started the summer before Kyndal started Kindergarten. It's a fun way to say farewell to non-school summer days.

Kyndal cut the links this year and they all colored them before she stapled them together. Each morning I put a sticker with the activity of the day onto one of the links and they took turns opening it. We did most of our favorite things...I'm one tired Mama now!

We went to the Fallbrook Farmer's Market with Kim and Alyssa Pair

We made art at the Lux Center with Jodee, Kamree and Carson Leader...

Kennedy was not her usual chipper self. She was pouty and whiny the whole time. But everyone else enjoyed tie dying shirts...Painting a mural...Making bookmarks, buttons and paper flowers!Kennedy finally caught a nap on the way home :)Hopefully soon I'll get a picture of all four in their shirts. We didn't take Chase with us, but I made him this shirt:
We went to the Lancaster County Fair and the kids rode rides:

Checked out the animals and exhibits...

Played Bingo (Kyndal won!) and had sno cones!

We went on a bike ride and a hike (Kyndal didn't really hike with him on her back!)

We went to the Children's Museum, the zoo and rode the train, read books.

Casey and Corbin rode their motorcycles and the girls baked cookies. I literally let the girls do it all except for the oven part of the process and they did fantastic!!

And we went shopping for new kicks, backpacks and lunch boxes. Even Mom got a new pair of running shoes (the gray ones with pink laces, fun!) Look how big their feet are getting!!

Even though she isn't heading to Kindergarten for another year, Kennedy talked me into a backpack of her own with those big brown eyes. She is caught up in the excitement that is in the air too!

And we had open house at school tonight...
Wishing you all a great start to a new year! Come back later this week for pictures from our first day!