Hudson's Fall 2011

Hudson's Fall 2011
Corbin, Kennedy, Karla, Chase, Casey, Kyndal

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Years

I'm finally getting my New Years post complete! My sweet little Chase is sitting, yes, by himself, sitting next to me on the couch. He is developing so fast, makes me a bit sad! Back to New Years...

We were a little nervous when snow/ice was in the forecast, but fortunately the roads weren't too bad and we were able to keep our plans for the weekend. We were invited to meet up with a few families in Kearney and "hotel-it" for the big night. We met up with the Wyatt's and Jones' from western NE and the Whiting's, Branch's and Whitmore's from Lincoln. Casey took a head count and I think there were 18 kids in all! So far they haven't figured out they outnumber us (or maybe they have and we're just in denial, ha!)

We got to Kearney early Friday afternoon and checked into our hotel. We were pretty bummed to find out the pool heater had broken; it was repaired but the h2o was pretty frigid. With a bone-chilling zero degrees outside, it didn't sound inviting at all!

We headed straight to The Big Apple where we had planned to spend most of the afternoon/evening anyways. The kids had a BLAST with the bowling, play structure, games and golfing. The adults weren't bored either :o) Get ready for picture overload! There were too many to choose from!!!

The hot spot for the day.
Corbin surveying his throw.Folks, don't try this at home!Max is just the sweetest, funniest little boy! He had so much fun making Chase laugh!Allison and Emma!Go Kyndal!Kyndal, Tucker, Ellie, Addie, Charity, Allison

Check out my form :o)
Kennedy's first time bowling!
Daddy showing Corbin how it's done!
Sweet McCoy...snoozing away...I made them pull the hat up, but it was too cute!
The weekend wasn't without meltdowns! Miss K did not want to share the nachos with anyone! For the record, she lost the battle LOL
Happy New Year Chase!Kennedy and Ellie playing with the ballsErin and new baby Josie! We can't wait, she will be soon joining Kennedy and Chase at our daycare!!!More snacks, happily sharing this time!The fun center was huge!Shooting some hoops...Mom takes a turn

When we got tired of the "bowling alley food" we stopped at a drive through and then headed back to the hotel. Some of the kids attempted swimming for awhile, and the guys played cards.
Kennedy and Ryder, sipping on some juice, in their jammies
Kyndal and Corbin, braving the cold

The smart one of the clan!
Kyndal and Addie
Corbin and Max!
The hot tub temps were much more suitable!

We eventually got all the kids rounded up and met up in the Wyatt's/Jones' rooms to ring in the new year. Chase was my only kiddo that didn't make it that late, I can't believe the others did!

The next morning a couple families had planned to stay the next night so we joined them at another hotel that had a much warmer pool. The kids had a blast getting their swim in. We headed home after stuffing ourselves that evening at the USA Steak Buffet. Definitely will be one of our most memorable celebrations!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hip-hip-hooray, it's post #100 today!!!

Very fitting as we start a new year...soon I will post on our New Years celebration :o)

I have been listening to a national Christian radio station (K-Love) these past several days and their suggestion this month is to instead of setting (several/multiple/unobtainable) new years resolutions, to choose one word that describes what you want your focus to be throughout the year.

I love the idea and so many words have passed through my thoughts, but the one that has really stuck is "TRUE". This describes what I want to set my sights on this year...

1. To focus on the ultimate truth, God's word, and deepen my relationship with Him.
2. To be true to my husband, give him the better part of my day and not what's leftover (which is often nothing!)
3. To teach my children the truth, about God's love, about caring for each other, appreciating our blessings, helping others.
4. To be a true friend. To reach out, help where/when I can, to be there for my friends.

Yes, these sound like resolutions, but I'm not the type to get tied down to a list of them....Which is why having a focus of one word may just work for me.

So, what would your word be?

Well, I can't leave without posting ONE picture :o) Here's one Casey took yesterday on their snow day (more to come later!)

Friday, January 7, 2011

To Grandma's House We Go!

After playing with all of the new toys and cleaning up the mounds of paper we prepared to head all the way to Grandma's house (exactly .5 miles south of us!)

Casey's Mom moved to Lincoln when I was pregnant with Kennedy, four years ago. We love going over to Grandma's house!!! It is one of the few places we can totally veg out and let the time slowly roll by. I remember the many trips we took to visit her when she lived in the tiny town of Lewellen. I am absolutely certain that time stands still there :o)

Playing a little Rumikub, one of our favorites!

Grandma always has her house decorated to the hilt and lots of surprises for the kids under the tree as well as overflowing stockings. We enjoyed chicken noodle soup over mashed potatoes for lunch/dinner and candy/pies for dessert. The Whiting's (Casey's sister/family) spent the afternoon/evening with us.

Time to open presents!!!

After our crazy kiddos tore through their gifts, we enjoyed our adult exchange. We draw names each year and choose a theme. This year it was "red".

Erika got a red scarf, slippers and Cabela's sweatshirt

Casey got an apron (and I can't remember what else!)I got a wall sticker that can be "read", and some apple pie mix--YUM!
Jimmy got a red Huskers sweatshirt and a red beverage :o)

Here's some more fun pictures of our celebration:

We didn't make it through the day without a meltdown!

Sweet little McCoy

Erika, McCoy and big brother Ryder


My little elf!

Lovin' cousins (two months apart)

Grandma and her babies!