Hudson's Fall 2011

Hudson's Fall 2011
Corbin, Kennedy, Karla, Chase, Casey, Kyndal

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rodeo Fun

On our last evening of camping over Labor Day we were invited to a local rodeo by Casey's Dad. His Step-Mom, Brenda would be barrel racing in it. We were looking forward to it all weekend and most of our camping friends were able to go to it as well. She had quite the cheering section!
Jimmy, Erika & RyderThe Wyatt's and Jones'The kids' favorite part, Porkchop, the rodeo clown, put on quite a show!Go Grandma, go!

Sittin' next to Grandpa

Thursday, September 17, 2009

9 on 9.9.09

The evening before our anniversary, Casey said "Did you know our anniversary is on 9.9.09?" I didn't! Then, it dawned on me, "Casey, and it's our 9th anniversary!" We celebrated our 9th on cool is that? And then I heard a story from one of my co-workers that a baby was born that day, at 9:09 (not sure am or pm) guessed it, 9 lbs 9 oz. Do you think it was was a c-section baby.

Anyways, Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband....9 years have flown by. We celebrated by going to dinner at Old Chicago and then went to the Husker volleyball game. We are already talking about a get-away to celebrate our big 10 next summer.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Labor Day Fun--Part One

Back in July when camping with good friends we decided we were having so much fun that we should plan a trip over Labor Day weekend. We ended up deciding to try out a lake in South Dakota, just a few miles from where my FIL lives. We had two families (Wyatt's and Jones') from western NE, the Whitmore's (from Lincoln) and my SIL's family from Lincoln, all meet on Friday for a fun filled weekend.

We went up Thursday night to spend the night with Casey's Dad. Friday morning the girls pulled up chairs and helped Grandma Brenda bake cookies....a ritual when we come to her home!
The Whitmore's and us set up camp around noon on Friday and my SIL's family arrived a few hours later. The Wyatt's and Jones' set up camp after dark with some "help"!
Grandpa came down and hung out with us and did some fishing the first night. Casey went to check the lines and was pleasantly surprised!

Kennedy and Grandpa enjoying the evening lake view.

Getting sleepy after a hard day of traveling and setting up: Erika and Ryder

Corbin crashed too. In fact, pretty much every night the kids told us when they were "done" and ready for bed!
We packed a lot of fun in.....there were 15 kids and 10 adults, thankfully no one told the kids that they outnumbered us! We rented two jet skis from one of our friends and borrowed my FIL's boat. The lake was great! It was 80's all weekend and nice and cool in the evenings. We played our hearts out :o)
Moments to note......

Favorite note: Kennedy conquered potty training over the trip!

Scariest note: I ran the jet ski out of gas in the middle of the lake! Thankfully Aaron was with me and he found a boat that lent us a rope so he could tow me back in......only to find out that my ski had a reserve on it. UGH!

Worst note: The guys went golfing Sunday morning and the kids got really owly. Fortunately Charity was there, a daycare Mom of four with a heart of gold and she quickly organized a game of musical chairs!

Lost note: Aaron recently purchased some really nice water sandals. When he stepped off the jet ski one got stuck in the mud and we searched forever but couldn't find it. The beach was rocky and muddy, but otherwise we loved the site we were at.

Addison, Kyndal and Emma...."exploring"
The kids in their two "clubhouses"

This and That

Just a couple quick photos of what our little ones are up to....some of the cute things they do!

Though it's incredibly cute, it's often an argument in our home as to who gets to pray at dinner! Here I caught a picture of Kennedy blessing our meal :o)

Kyndal lost her second tooth on an evening I wasn't at home and she left this note for the "tooh fairey" unprompted!

We have been calling Corbin "Pigpen" for a few years now. He is getting cleaner now, but for a couple years it seemed impossible to keep his face clean! Aunt Erika found this fitting shirt for him for his birthday.