Hudson's Fall 2011

Hudson's Fall 2011
Corbin, Kennedy, Karla, Chase, Casey, Kyndal

Friday, May 21, 2010

Little Picassos

Last Friday evening Casey headed to Omaha to Rockfest and Kyndal was invited to a slumber/birthday party. So the two little ones and I picked up Subway and headed to Pioneers Park to eat (re: play). They never did eat their sandwiches! Note to self: let them eat in the restaurant where there aren't swingsets and sand calling their names!

I forgot my camera, but they had a blast playing and burning off built up energy; it was a perfect night!

I've been trying to squeeze in some time with some little projects to re-decorate the girls' room and the new baby's, so when we got home I broke out a craft. I use old birthday party plastic tablecloths whenever we do play-doh and paint (or anything messy) and it's so easy to clean up.

After the park and painting, the three of us crashed on the couch to watch Finding Nemo together. The free snuggles made my day complete!

While they had fun with water paints, I worked on some painting for the baby room. Here's a sneak peak at the theme. (More to come in a later post.)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top 10 Reasons....

This post idea came to me while working out today. It's more for keeping me motivated more than anything...but maybe it will inspire you too!

Top 10 Reasons I Work Out (even when I don't want to!)

1. I'm scared not to. Literally, in my profession, I have read the obesity studies and stats and I don't want to go there.

2. I feel better afterwards. Not always right away, but I know it makes a difference.

3. For my kids. I want to be a good example and I want them to be healthy and active.

4. I have to. How can I be a Health and Wellness Director and NOT take care of myself in this capacity.

5. My pregnancies and labor's haven't been as difficult. True, I can't compare it since I've worked out up to and including the day of delivery with all 3 kids, but I'm going with my gut on this one. Now before you think I'm some fanatic, I'm talking moderately active, just getting my heart rate up and breaking a sweat...I have a baby to protect!

6. I enjoy it. Sometimes. I really enjoy sports...too bad they're so hard on my body!

7. For my health. Not just to avoid obesity, but heart disease, cancers, diabetes, etc.; and to be stronger if I am stricken with one.

8. Ice cream. Yep, I love it....and I don't feel AS guilty when I eat it every night.

9. Energy. It truly does create more energy. When I go a couple days without being active I feel like a major slug.

10. My kids. Oh, did I say that one already. It's that important...stats are bad these days and this generation is in trouble. I want to model good behaviors, and I want to be around to enjoy my grandkids.

Grab some shoes....let's go for a walk.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby "H4" Update

I haven't posted quite awhile on the little one that is growing by leaps and bounds inside me, so it's time for an update! I have just entered the final trimester and have some mixed emotions. Though I have moments when I look forward to shedding the baby weight and getting back into my "normal" clothes, I'm more often finding myself sad that I'm sure this will be the last baby I carry. You would think I'd have my fix after having four! Funny, I never imagined I would have more than two kids; in fact though I always figured I would have children I couldn't imagine me being a Mom. And now I know it's the greatest gift ever! I am not going to lie and say I love every moment of being pregnant; I have my share of complaints (that mainly only my husband hears.) But there's a connection, a bond there, that is just unexplainable. It just makes me honestly sad that it'll be the last time I will experience it...

This last month I have totally "popped out" and there is no mistaken the bump now. At least once or twice a day a Y member approaches and asks the due date. The little one is very active, I can feel it's head on my right side. It has been sweet to watch the excitement and anticipation on my kiddos faces when I tell them "Baby is moving!" They rush over with outstretched hands and beaming faces. Now they can also see when the little peanut punches and rolls around as my "bump" under my shirt goes crazy!

We still aren't sure what type of delivery looms in the future. Kyndal and Corbin were born with no complications and labor was pretty quick with both. Kennedy was lying sideways so she was a planned C-section. My doctor surprisingly to me has mentioned I am a good candidate for a VBAC. Though I would love the extra two weeks at home for cuddling, we will likely plan on the VBAC if this one is positioned right.....though I can tell so far that the head isn't down.

Finally, to answer the obvious questions that I hear daily:
What is your due date? August 5th
What are you having? We have chosen to wait to find out with all of our babies, only God knows!
Names? We have a list....I'll give you a hint though. It will start with a "C"!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Growing and Learing

Recently some of the first grade teachers at Kyndal's school put on a Math Night and a Literacy night for the kids. She was disappointed that she couldn't go to the Math Night---she had 4-H the same evening and it was her turn to present the lesson. So she was super anxious to get to the Literacy night!

When I walked outside to find her to let her know it was time to go, I was surprised to find the rest of my family busy planting some free seeds they'd gotten for Kids Club from our grocery store. They were sooooo excited! We have talked several times about having a little garden but never followed through. I have not just a brown thumb, but a brown hand :o) I have a hard time growing things! We'll have to see how these guys do at it!

After they finished "the planting" it was off to Roper for Kyndal and I! We had fun trying out many of the activities and deciding which ones she would like to have copies of for home. I know it won't last forever, but she loves doing homework and activities like this at home.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bunkin' In

Kennedy has officially moved in with Kyndal. To make room for baby (in early August) we booted Kennedy from her upstairs room to share a room with Kyndal in the basement. We finally found some decent bunkbeds that were affordable and I painted the room a few weeks ago. I still have lots of decorating to do, they want a horse/cowgirl theme, but since we have all the furniture we made the big move. The sooner, the better, since we want her to get comfortable down there before she sees the baby taking over her old stomping ground!

I also moved all of her toys down to the toy room, and took the opportunity to purge some things that aren't used in there to give away to an upcoming church rummage sale.

They aren't really sleeping, just pretending!

The move wasn't the best timing as Kennedy got sick (fever/cold/sinus infection) the next day, so we're still trying to get her to stay in her own bed.This is where she still prefers to sleep....Mom and Dad's bed!