Hudson's Fall 2011

Hudson's Fall 2011
Corbin, Kennedy, Karla, Chase, Casey, Kyndal

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

Last night was our annual "YMCA at the Salt Dogs game" night. Last week Casey announced that the Eagles were playing the Chiefs in KS City (my bro-in-law is a HUGE Eagles fan) and this was a once in a lifetime thing. What he didn't was the same night as the baseball game. Crazy, I know but I gave my blessing for him to go and I did some praying this week that I could handle my crew at the baseball game :o)

The Y provided a Subway sandwich dinner for us before the game. We settled in with our sandwiches and Chase was snatched up right away by some co-workers. The kids played lawn games while I caught up with co-workers I hadn't seen in several weeks.

Then we headed over to the stadium to catch a little of the game. This is the 4th year I believe that we've done this, and we've never made it past the 2nd inning! My kids just can't seem to sit that long! I was hoping to get one inning in, I knew that Chase would need to eat soon. We didn't make it up to our seats as I had the stroller with me so we did watch the 1st inning from the main level and then headed over to the playground area.

It was a zoo! I think my kids would have stayed there the rest of the night, but when Chase woke up I rounded up the crew and we headed home. That was predictably the most stressful part of the evening, mostly my fault because I wanted to make it home before feeding Chase and I was losing my patience. We actually made it 2 minutes from home before Chase had a meltdown. Overall, we survived and had a pretty good evening! I took just a few shots of the crew:Can't help but mention....GO BIG RED!!!! 1st volleyball game is this afternoon and I am looking forward to watching every second of it! Hope you have a great weekend!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Siblings

I made these shirts for all the kids a couple months ago and then added Chase's name shortly after he was born. We gave the kids their shirts along with gifts when they came to meet little brother! I finally rounded them all up last week for these pictures:They are all so proud to be a big sister/brother...all very good helpers with little Chay. So far no jealousy issues either. They fight over who gets to hold him and even who he is going to look at in the car. They don't quite understand that he really doesn't have control (let alone care) over who he is "looking" at. Pretty cute even though it's an endless sibling battle! I do get flustered at times, but I couldn't love my crew more!!! And I don't think they could love new "Baby C" more either!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to School

Where did the summer go??? I can't believe it's the beginning of another school year already. Corbin was so excited to start Kindergarten, he's been talking about it for months. And I've been praying about it for months! He often struggles with feeling comfortable in "new" situations and places when Casey or I aren't there so we were anxious about how the transition would go.

It was a blessing to find he has Mrs. Martin for a teacher, Kyndal's Kind. teacher....and Kyndal has done her share of pumping him up for months now!

We are ready to go!

Although we will miss Hopeland Preschool, I am relishing in the extra 30 minutes it is saving me in the morning! Chase and Kennedy will continue to go to our in-home daycare at Lora's and the other two go to Roper. Last year I left the house at 7 am and after dropping everyone off, arrived at work at 8 am. Now we leave at 7:30 am!

Kyndal's class is right next door to Corbin's! So coveniently, her class also meets in the gym in the mornings before the bell so she walks Corbin to his line....God is good! Here they are waiting the 1st day in the gym.

I also feel blessed that since I am on maternity leave I am able to also pick them up for the next couple weeks! It was so cute, after school they were walking down the sidewalk holding hands "because Corbin wanted to."

"We had a GREAT 1st day, Mom!" They chattered all the way home, yay!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Wrap-Up!

Our last week of "summer" before the kids were off to school was jam-packed, in my opinion. Having a newborn around the home would normally be enough, but little "Chay" hasn't been able to slow us down too much! This is a jam-packed post to match our last week!

We continued opening a link each day on the "back-to-school chain." On Monday evening the kids all got new haircuts. Kyndal's was a lot shorter than I intended, but she loves it and it was desperately needed after the many hours spent in the Y pool this summer! Plus, it grows super fast. And Corbin said good-bye to his summer mohawk!

We had Dr. appointments for Chase and Corbin the end of the week before and Kyndal had her first eye exam. All passed with flying colors! Here is Kyndal at the eye Dr:

It was way too hot for Casey and I on the night that we were supposed to have a picnic and s'mores in the backyard (back-to-school chain), so when I suggested a picnic in the living room the kids needed no convincing. We never let them eat in there so they were stoked when they got to break the rules. We even enjoyed the s'mores on blankets:

We went back-to-school shopping. New jeans, back packs and lunch boxes!
Corbin's last day at Hopeland Preschool/Daycare was on Thursday. I still can't believe he's started Kindergarten! We took gifts to his teacher's on his last day...thanking them for their care and patience :o)
That same night we went to his school to meet and find out who his teacher was and check out his classroom. We were excited to find out it is Mrs. Martin, the same teacher that Kyndal had. One of his daycare buddies is in the room next to him and the other is in his class (yes, we gave Mrs. Martin warning about that!) He was so excited!

We had family in town over the weekend, my sister, nephew and niece, and Mom and step-Dad all came to meet Chase.
On Saturday, Casey and I were surprised by many of our friends and family with an early celebration of our 10 year anniversary! I didn't have my camera handy for most of it, but did get a picture of Grandpa Hudson (Casey's Dad) with little Chase. He was able to make it to the party and meet his newest Grandson:

It was me and the four kiddos on Monday and Tuesday...and we braved the "real world" by ourselves. On Monday we went to the library...on Tuesday we hit the Children's Museum. I was hoping for the zoo, but the rain changed our plans. They were both successful trips, the kids had fun and I didn't lose my mind! It helped that Chase slept most of the trip. I have found that I have to keep a closer eye on little Miss Kennedy though, she has started wandering off by herself. She only did it once at the museum, and I found her where I expected: cuddling the babies in the "hospital".
The night before school we were blessed with a cool 70 degree night. We loaded up the suburban and headed to Pioneers Park for a bike ride. Casey and the kids took off on their wheels while Chase and I took a stroll by foot on the trails. It was a beautiful night!While trying to get them to look at me for a picture, they were distracted by these guys calling from above!
We ended the night at the Dairy Sweet!I hope you all had a fantastic, fun-filled and blessed summer! Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to school we go...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lancaster County Super Fair

The fair is in town and our summer wouldn't be complete without a trip across town to check it out. We decided to take two cars, Chase and I stayed for about an hour and a half and the rest of the crew stayed for the whole evening to soak in all the sights (and the heat!)

We intended to buy the kids wristbands this year but they didn't seem overly excited about the rides. We headed there first and bought enough tickets for them to ride a few times and that seemed to satisfy them.I want to ride that one!We ran into my niece, Nikki
Our social butterfly attracted a new friend right away on the "pig ride"

We cooled off with sno cones and shared a funnel cake, summer sausage, and cotton candy. Fair food is the best!....stopped to play a few games of bingo.....
And checked out all the animals and exhibits.....all down at the county fair!