Hudson's Fall 2011

Hudson's Fall 2011
Corbin, Kennedy, Karla, Chase, Casey, Kyndal

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let's Make Art!

Brace yourself for picture overload! A short three weeks before Kyndal's birthday we finally decided to figure out a game plan...

I pulled up the Family Fun website and the top cake was an artist palette and I honestly knew immediately what kind of party would fit her perfectly. I let her peek at it and I knew from the look on her face, bulls-eye!!! We were going to have an artsy party!

She wanted a sleepover party, my big concern was that it was at the tail end of spring break and I wasn't sure how many families would be in town. Fortunately most of the kiddos were able to share in the fun with us.

"Welcome to Kyndal's Art Studio"

A list of all the projects they could choose to do!

They first painted on a birthday shirt for her.

I sooooo, couldn't have made it through the night without Grandma and Aunt Erika! I am a planner and organizer and pulled it all together (in two short weeks of planning!) But when it comes to game time, I definitely need back up and these two were a perfect fit!

Creating artsy drinks with Sprite/Koolaid and a drop of food coloring!

Making jewelry

Bookmarks and mini tote bags
The finished productsMixed media art, these kids were CrEaTiVe!Tie dye socks!Personalized aprons---the most popular art project :o)
Did I mention Aunt Erika rocked?! I so couldn't have done it without her and Grandma!Painting on the birthday banner. Yes, I was brave, I had it taped to our dining room wall! We also had puffy paint and glitter glue in the living room and I didn't lay down tarps. Crazy I know, but they didn't get a drop of anything on the carpet, I was shocked!Here's our top artist!The whole crew!Her birthday cupcake shirt from Aunt Erika. It's hard to see but she made the "8" as part of the candle and the frosting part of the cupcake is filled with fluff. So cute!
Our palette with paint brush and color cupcakesHappy Birthday Kyndal!!Opening giftsPlaying Twister!

The original plan was for Casey, Corbin and Kennedy to stay over at Grandma's house so us girls would have the house to ourselves. Corbin got his new cast on that day and I broke down and let him stay home for awhile. It worked out well since Carson's family got back to town in time for him to come over too. These two guys were typical party crashers towards the end of the evening :o)

Crashing out to watch a movie. Naive me thought the girls would fall asleep during it. Has it been so long since sleepovers of my own that I've forgotten how these things go???

After the movie the squeals and girl talk began and I heard at one point, "Let's make a secret club and we're the only ones that can be in it!"

Finally at 12:15 am......I gave the final warning "Go to sleep or I'm going to separate you!" I didn't hear (much more of) a peep after that :o)

We made Kennedy her own apron too! She decorated it when she got home the next morning.

It was a super fun party, a little chaotic at times, but that's what parties are supposed to be like! I have to thank Grandma Hudson and Aunt Erika one last time for all they did that night to help make a special eight year old's birthday the!
Happy Birthday, Kyndal!

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Jodee Leader said...

Love, love, love this birthday post! However, seriously, I can't believe you pulled this off in two short weeks. You are making me look lame-o that it takes me an entire year to plan a party!

The theme was perfect and I loved all of the extra touches you added! I especially loved the cake!

Everyone had a blast! So glad I could stop by for a sneak peek!